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THIS! I usually don’t do reviews on tools and this is not so much a review as much as a thumbs up for this piece of equipment. I needed to cut a bunch of square tubing for a shop project I was working on and really didn’t want to have to hand cut each piece by hand, so I started looking for an abrasive chop saw. I remember seeing some guy on Youtube using a chop-saw that had a toothed blade that literally ate through the metal stock being cut. Having worked in the metal working industry I was a bit wary of putting a cold saw blade on an abrasive saw and began doing some research on this super saw.
Come to find out the blade cannot be used with just any saw and is matched speed-wise with the Evolution’s Rage2 saw, which is considerably slower than a typical abrasive saw, but faster than a cold saw. I watched a few videos on Youtube and was pretty much sold on this rig, but was still a bit apprehensive and wondering if I’d get buyers remorse after using it. I decided to take the plunge and purchase one. This is one purchase I have not regretted.
As true to the statements of the reviews this thing is a beast. It cuts through steel like butter…and fast. And, there is no abrasive dust to breath in, which is real nice. And, the cut piece is cool to the touch right after cutting. Try that with a freshly cut part out of an abrasive saw. You’ll iron your fingers.
Now, most of ya’ll won’t need anything like this, but I do know a few who do like to or need to weld on occasion, or are welders 24/7 that this saw would be a welcomed addition to the shop.
Seriously, this is a bad MOFO at a very reasonable price. Russ

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