ZERO Angle Drill Bit Sharpening

The Tyson ZERO Angle Drill Bit Sharpening Technique

My father, K.P. Greene came across this while working for Pratt & Whitney (the engine builders) in the mid seventies when he was tear assing around the world in brand new Boeing 747s presenting engineering seminars, clinics and support for airlines like Qantas.  Mr Tyson was the head of maintenance department for N.A.C. (New Zealand National Airways Corp.) and he gave the following booklet to dad that introduced his new way of sharpening drill bits.   Dad loved things like this and was really excited about it, however I was the one that took it and used it the most, once I figured out how to do it.

This little booklet was handed down to me which I lost numerous times and re-found numerous times.  The last time I found it I scanned it and decided to put it up on the blog for others to enjoy.  Having spent time as a machinist I can attest to that this technique lives up to what it claims.  I’ve used it for all kinds of operations that would otherwise have been a pain in the arse and it pulled said arse out of plenty of binds.  It’s not hard to learn to sharpen this way, it just takes practice.

I can’t take any credit for this other than making it available to the public, which is what Mr. Tyson wanted dad to do.  He was basically handing out his little booklet to anyone that was interested because he simply wanted to pass on the technique because he believed in it.   Once you learn how to do it, you’ll be a believer.  I guess this is my way of saying Thank You to Mr. Tyson.

Oh, before you go and convert all of your bits into Tyson Tips, you will still need conventionally sharpened bits for opening smaller holes.  That’s the one thing the Tyson Tip can’t do, but for all of the things it can do, it’s worth having both sets.

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