Super Dirt Grading

Super dirt is graded by what we determined to be useful blends and result from passing through a set sized screen and are designated by a simple numbering system (0-4).  (0) being raw with (1-4) being screened.   What does not pass through the screen  is saved as gravel.  I was going to call it ballast, but decided on gravel, but in all honesty you can use it as either one.  So, what we have are two sets of product.  The “top screen or gravel set and the lower or below screen screenings or  Super Dirt.

Since the grain distribution of the sand and dirt particles are not even across a sample of Super Dirt, some grades and gravels may or may not be in stock.  In other words, Grade (4) takes about 4 times as long to accumulate as does Grades (1, 2 and 3).  Same goes with the gravel grades.  However, we plan to keep the grades and gravels up to stock levels.

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2 thoughts on “Super Dirt Grading

  1. What grade Super Dirt do you suggest for O. Scale scenery?

    1. Hi Howard,
      It really depends on what you are planning to do. In 0-scale, the Grade 0 is a good all around dirt where the largest size rock would be about 6-8″ in with the occasional larger rock. Most of the larger stones are cobble looking and would be prefect for a stream bottom. Thanks for the interest. Russ

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