Dry Stacked Interlocking Foundation basic set



Dry-Stack Interlock Foundation Small Basic Walls (Bulk 6/pack 3/4′ High)
with (4) corner modules

Joints virtually disappear.


Standard Wall Foundation Set
(6) straight sections (4) corners

  • Easy to cut and modify
  • Easy to paint
  • Lightweight



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New England Brownstone’s Dry Stacked Foundation set was designed to give the modeler a dry stacked stone wall of smaller stones that can be used as a foundation for many situations.   Even though these walls modules are HO scale and originally used for foundation purposes, they can readily be adapted for other scales, too.   These would make for a great N-scale stone wharf scene.

Corner module
Corner Module.
Standard dry stacked foundation module.
Joint virtually disappears!
Joint virtually disappears!  No More Crappy Butt joints!



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