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Here are some links to other model manufacturers we feel are worth mentioning.  Tell them New England Brownstone sent you.  Thanks. 🙂

BEST Trains


BEST Trains has sold a large portion of their kit product line to Motrak Models.  However, they still make kits and custom model building and sell their large line of white metal cast details.  Well worth a look if you need HO scale details.

Crow River Products


I love Crow River Products.  They sell some of the cleanest castings around.  Most of Leo’s kits are fairly generic, which was not uncommon back in the steam days when every foundry machine shop were putting out someone’s “better idea” of steam  or gas engine.  They make great kitbash fodder too.

Railroad Kits

Jimmy Diegnan’s line of fine craftsman kits.  He also has taken over ed Fulaz’s line of plaster kits, which are great “entry” models if you are contemplating building some plaster kits.


Although not directly related to Railroad Kits, but kind of sort of, is The Fine Scale EXPO that Jimmy is instrumental in helping to  produce along with Doug Foscale, Hal Reynolds and Brian Bollinger with the help of Robert Seckler (The Energizer Bunny).  This is a great show to go to if you really want to improve your modeling skills.  I usually do a clinic on either carving or painting stonework, even both sometimes, but there are plenty of others with just as many different clinics to choose from.  This years EXPO will be in Altoona, PA.  If you aren’t familiar with Altoona, look up “Horseshoe Curve”

Hope to see you there!

Motrak Models

Jeff has a nice line of kits and car loads.  He recently purchased a bunch of the BEST Trains kit line and now manufactures them under the Motrak Name.  Check him out.

Sierra West Scale Models



Brett Gallant sells some pretty awesome HO and  O scale kits.  Top shelf.  Check out his site.

Train Cat

Traincat has some really nice looking brass bridges.  Especially their pin connected truss bridge line.  You won’t find them anywhere else, as far as I know without building your own.  I came across their site by accident, but left impressed.  If you are a connoisseur of brass bridges you may want to check out these guys.  Actually, their prices are fantastic for what you get.


Not so much Railroad related



Here’s a great site for those of you looking for something to do in New England  Hint, Hint guys.  You may want to check out some of these spots while chasing trains in New England.  Especially if you  are dragging your wife around with you who just might not like trains as much as you.  Gotta keep the significant other happy.  Pl us there are some really neat things in New England that everyone should see.  The list is too long for me to type here, so go visit the link.

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